Holiday Home 99years plus rent back

Hi, In 2011 I purchased a holiday home at Lonavala in an upcoming resort . At the time of booking we were not aware of any lease agreement but thought it'll be ownership . After making complete payment 6.5 cheque and 16 cash as requested by the builder total 48 for 2 rooms ( some receipts without stamp, paper signed by builder for cash) we were made aware that there won't be any sale agreement but 99 plus 99 lease agreement. And the same will be taken back from us to the builder for 5 years on an lease as a rent back scheme for 10,000 pm. As a holiday home we will get to stay in the resort for 30days in a year hence we agreed. Now the builder has still not given possession nor rents. We bought 2 flats one is registered. Second is not even registered. Claims the plan is dropped for second and can take a refund but only for what I paid by cheque. Please help if I can go with criminal and how long this might take? Also have filed in consumer forum at admission stage and builder lawyer trying to reject the admission.