My college has banned burka and beard

I m syed from bangalore doing my masters in St joseph's arts and science college. apparently from this semester our principle was changed and a gal who is always wearing burka around college was stopped by principle and said that she can't wear burka in college and the reason for that was " improper dress ". and today principle called a gathering of students and said few rules including beard is not considered in college. and if it so religious then students has to get a letter signed by there parents to the principle and then he will consider that. and the reason for beard ban was given as josephites honor. and reminding that this college is from 1936 and is under jesuit forum and is autonomous and provided with the " center of excellence " certificate by "ugc"...and we students are provided with a copy of student handbook which contains all the rules and regulations of the college. in which the above rules are not be named... so my question is can a college ban burka and beard with any reason...please kindly help i am planning to write back a letter to my principle on this. thank you..... please help....and u can download the students handbook under this link