Fake Passport created by my Sister's Husband

My sister applied for a passport, in the issuing stage she came to know that in her name a passport is already there with A to Z fake documents. But sister's passport was created when my sister was not living with her husband. And she never lived in the zone where her passport was applied, her ex husband lives in Singapore, current a charge sheet is filed by police and sent to him as per police, but now Police is saying that we don't have power to bring him here, Embassy as to do? My questions are: 1. If Charge Sheet is filed means police supposed to give the copy to the petitioner also yes or Not? 2. Where can i get the charge sheet copy? from the local Magistrate court where my sister's husband native place is (Police filed a chargesheet from there not from my sister's location ) 3. Do my sister have the rights to get the Fake documents details and photocopy from the records of Passport office Through RTI? 4. Can I request to External Affairs Department regarding this directly, as no response from regional head of the passport office, they are just blaming on police and police is blaming them for the fake passport created by my sister's husband.