About Gruhahimsa act

Hi, My name is Kanimozhi, am from chidambaram. Two years back I married one of my relation (It's a register marriage, as my parents not accepted). I studied B.Ed, he was working as a driver in chennai. My husband have one younger sister who was already married and has two children. She is staying in our house along with husband and children, her husband is a jobless. My husband is taking care of their family also. My husband comes home once/twice in month, as per the job he stays in chennai itself. My husband's father expired. First one month I was happy, later I came to know that my husband intentionally trapped me in the name of love, as he knows that I completed B.Ed and I will government job. From the second month he, his mother and his sister started torturing me saying that I have not brought anything from my house (dowry). My husband deposits money in my account and ask me to give the money to his mother. She uses every penny and tells to my husband that I used the money. Again he gives them money, by scolding, beating me thinking that I misused the money. His sister also a big cheater, always with crying face complains about me to my husband that I am scolding her (actually she scolds me that I did not brought dowry and order me not touch any thing in the house). They ask me to cook, as I was working in a private school as teacher, I cook morning and go to school and come home at evening, Till then they dont even wash the dishes. Due to lot of work and stress, I got abortion twice. I fought with my husband, and recently we moved to a single room near to their house. Now, My husband is building the house, two portions separately, now the problem starts, As government sanction some money for SC people to build house, they (my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law) went to government office and applied for money as if they are constructing house. I am giving my monthly salary 7,000/- also for my construction. On the other side, my mother and my brother left me. If any one asks about me, they are saying that I was died. My father was government employee, expired few years ago, that job is given to my mother. My mother is not even considering me as her child, one day I went to my mom's house, to ask help, they rejected and I said I have share in my father's job and property, they shouted and ask me to get out at the time of 11:30pm. I went to my husband's house alone at that time. Some drunken fellows tried to rape me, by God's grace some unkonwn family saved me. Now, I am willing to put Gruhahimsa case on my husband, my mother, my brother, my husband's mother and sister. Is it possible, to file case on my husband and his family and also my parents both? If not possible, can I file different cases on both. Please help me. I am not that much brave to give divorce, as I am staying in an immature environment, divorce here is a big sin. Thanks, Kanimozhi