Usufurctry mortgage

My father mortgage with possession the shop cum flat for sixty thousand in 1973 vide 2 registered deeds mortgagee attached the property and court passed money decree and property put on court auction the mortgagee himself purchased the with the permission of the court their was compromised was held between mortgagee and the mortgagor later compromised was challenged the sale was confirmed on the basis of said compromise later my father challenged the compromised in different courts and the objections of the sale law of not adopted in sale proceedings sale was nullity as per C.P.C was challenged up to apex court its took 35 years in different objections mortgagee got the possession the important thing is once a mortgage is always mortgage their was suit for redemption under transfer of property act was filed in 2002 all proceeding was gone through was fixed arguments and application under order 39 rule 1& 2 cpc was also filed and dismissed stating that property is transfer to father by son and the order of supreme court suit becomes infructus is our right for redemption is gone as per order of apex court no where was said in that order of mortgage is extinguished the title of supreme court maya devi v/s rajkumari batra of civil appeal 10249 of 2003 you please go throgh and tell about the fate of the suit for redemption please