Need child custody from immoral wife

After 8 years of marriage my wife (as stated a poor girl before marriage) has went away to be model and actress. She is in influence of some person who has promised her to make her model and actress. She has taken away my children also (Son 8 years, Daughter 6 Years). I tried my best to make her understand to come back to my house but she has fever of modelling and actress. She left me in May 2014 by saying that she is going to her paternal house in kolkata like every year. She told a false story to her parents that me and my mom demands dowry and makes domestic voilence. When me and mother went to her house in october 2014, she and her father made voilence with us and threw us away from their house. Meantime, wife's immoral activities grew up day by day. She used to wear unfair type clothes. Her time to go out from home was 2 PM and come back in home 11 PM. Her paternal house is in village area so she got a very bad name. Due to her activities, her parents name has destroyed in the area. Now they have understand who is wrong. Now my wife has gone away from her parent house with my children. Now I am worried for my children. It comes in light that she is staying with some other person. When I search her on internet to see how much big star she has become, I got shocked her pron mms on adult websites. Please suggest me, how can I get my children when I dont know where they are in Kolkata? Police is not taking my complaint. They are saying when court will direct them only then they will act in this matter. Future of my children, especially girl child is in great threat and danger. Kindly help