Rights of daughter over the property

The whole scene goes like this, There was an ancestral property and there were three brothers X,Y ,Z. The property was divided in the year 1980 among the three and all of them received equal share . Now, the property has been registered in their respective names. Now here the main person is X. X has 4 children, 2 daughters and 2 sons. The sons have a very good understanding with their father so they did not claim their share and the daughters also were not given their share because at that time there was no law regarding the daughters share. Now in the year 2018, X died and had made the will of the portion of his property. In the will ,he mentioned that the property will be equally divided between his sons. The sons got their respective shares registered. The will also mentioned that the daughters won't get anything. Now, in the year 2021, a daughter of X files a case to get her share in the property. The sons of X denied it, so she sent a legal notice for the same. My query here is whether the daughter is entitled to get a share in the property or not?.