How to transfer Plot & Flat to Son's Name from Fathers Name?

Hi, When I was 18 I used to do online business and I had earned enough in USD. since my account was minor I had to transfer my revenue to my fathers bank account. From that money we bought a Flat and Plot. Both plot and flat are in my father's name. When i got 30 i got married, after 2yrs my mother is behaving differently and even father sometimes, there was a lot of misunderstanding still anyhow we lived with them but now the problem started increasing and it even spoiling our lives and now i have a kid of 1yr. We can't predict what may happen, i don't want to give them trouble either, But i want to build a house at plot which was bought from my hard-earned money. i don't want to risk. So i want to transfer flat and plot on my name. I wont push them out, let them stay in flat. But to stay at safer side and protect my asset i want to transfer it to my name. But i dont know how to do it, So in future there shouldnt be any dispute or unknowingly sold it. What can i do to get it on my name without any future disputes.