Issue with our Deity Property

My Father and one uncle (say uncle1) are Shebait of deity property where we have been living for ever. My uncle1 left this house 25 years back and staying in his own house. Before he left the house, uncle1 kept other uncle (say uncle2 this uncle is not listed as Shebait and working as agent of uncle1) in one portion of the house via one mutual understanding. But based on the actual deed, this my father’s grandfather directly assigned their two grandsons my Father and uncle1 as Shebait of the property. Now uncle1 is planning to sell some part of the unused portion of the house and get the money which we do not want. As he is not staying here, he is creating disturbance with the help of other uncle2. Now my question is as my uncle1 is not performing any responsibility and left the house long back can he be removed from Shebait post and my father become only Shebait. Uncle2 is working as agent of uncle1 and creating lot of disturbances in our house like blocking our common pathways, locking the door from inside/outside (in way to common passage and temples), using temple staircase for his personal use etc. Also, with the help of local connection uncle1 managed to get the stop construction order from municipality for the mandatory repairing/renovation work of the broken part of the building. As a Shebait my father and uncle1 are responsible to protect the property. But my uncle is not letting us to do so. Can uncle2 be evicted from this property as other uncle allowed him to stay but dead does not say the same. Can uncle1 transfer his Shebait-ship to uncle2. Can my uncle sell some part of the undivided property without my father consent?