What to do if a brother is not sharing mother medical expenses

Dear Sir/Mam, My mother hospitalised and expired on 30-07-18. I am the younger son spent total medical expenses of Rs. 2,10,000 for my mother treatment (Rs. 1,50,000/- paid through my cashless insurance) + Rs. 60,000 other treatment and death day expenses but my Elder brother has not shared any amount with me and when I am asking to give half of the amount, what I spent for my mother, he is saying that since my insurer has sanctioned "cashless claim" & without his acceptance I have taken my mother to hospital for treatment, he is not willing to share any of my mother medical expenses (I alone paid the premium amount). When I am trying to sell my house land property and recover his half amount, he is saying that I was not allowed to sell that land also since it was in my grand parents name and I cannot utilise that amount for my mother medical treatment expenses , which I already spent. My elder brother has taken my mother jewellery also, which he is supposed to give it to my sisters after my mother death like in every family in the villages. Kindly help me, whether I am having the right to recover half of my mother medical expenses from my Elder brother or not ? Can my sisters claim my mother jewellery from my brother ? We divided 28 years before when my father and mother was alive and signed by 10 persons on a white paper. Regards,