Wife asking maintenannce saying not having any source of income

Dear Sir, 1. Wife and I (Husband) ,ade an agreement with an real estate company for a plot and they are giving us cheques (20 + 2). I asked company to make cheques on wife name as i was suppose to go out of india. She is getting quartely cheques of 17000 till jan 2018 since may 2013. Last cheque date is on feb 2018 with amount 67000 + 271000. Now wife is saying no source of income. I have all the proofs of this investment which is on both of us name and she is only taking benefits out of it. Will court consider this as a cruelity as she hides that she has no income. 2. I am living in singapore and wife came back to india for deliivery. I had transferred her 36000 for her and 1 kid expenses (another kid was yet to born). + She was getting 17000 cheques quarterly. But she still writes that i haave not given her single ruppee since she comeback to india, What court will say? 3. I found her profile on freelancendia site that she is doing some freelancing work related to her education. but i do not have any income proof of her except her profile on freelance site. Also i found that the 17000 cheques which she is getting were stale couple of times as they were not withdrawn more than 3 months. Also when she filed a dv case i already started to giive her 10000 for her maintenance thinking she might be in a real problem. but i found that cheques also she did not withdraw for 20 days. 4. Currently she is living along with her parents in our joint house (both are owners) in which she has just paid 15% of amount as a down payment and remaning money i was paying. However as per her say she is claiming that the flat is belongs to her father as her father helped while buying the flat and making some false allegations that i asked them to give me also ownership in the flat and i will also help to clear the loan. Due to this false allegations i stopped paying EMI. However just before filing DV case i paid a huge amount to clear the loan fast. Please suggest me what should be the maintenance to wife with 2 kids now. 1 kid is almost 4 years and another will be completing 1 in oct end. I shown my interest to live together but she is avoiding and everytime making different opinions like first date : i want dovorce , second date: i want to compromise. third date: Her lawyer saying that compromise means she want divorce if u give her flat and kids will be with her. Please suggest me. Currently i am out of india.