Fake eviction to harass the tenants.

My family is been living in this area for more than 70yrs. The landlord didn't fulfill his responsibilities from the very beginning even after asking him to for eg repairs, security etc. We used to send him money orders which was most certainly refused by him. Later on he asked us to pay rent via cash ,we agreed to it as it was mutual understanding. Even after asking him multiple times to issue the rent receipts he refused to do so. Now after my father's demise he is threatening us to to evict the place. The main thing is he himself doesn't really have a proper sale deed of the said property. All of a sudden after 3pyrs of cash payment he refuses to accept that we paid the rent in cash only because he asked us to. He gave us a prior notice recently to pay the rent which we had already paid him before. Still we sent a cheque on his name with the amount he asked us to pay again.. He absolutely rejected the cheque and sent it to us back and is purposely mentally harassing us that he will file for eviction in the court which eventually he won't.