Please explain about this.

District and sessions court jalandhar. In the court of gurnam singh dhillon adll. district and sessions judge-xii jalandhar Notice to respondent of the day fixed for the hearing of the criminal appeal CRA/353/2014 bhupinder versus state Under Section: 374 code of criminal procedure, 1973 Police Station: To anjali w/o bhupinder singh d/o ramanjit singh r/o 127, vikas puri, k.m.v back side, jalandhar Take notice that a criminal appeal from the judgment/order of above said court in this case has been presented by bhupinder and registered in this court, and that the [deleted] has been fixed by this court for the hearing of this criminal appeal. If no appearance is made on your behalf by yourself, your pleader, or by some one by law authorized to act for you in this appeal, it will be heard and decided in your absence. Dated, this day of [deleted] Reader addl. district and sessions judge-xii jalandhar Note 1. Do you need free legal aid? 2. Do you want to settle your case/dispute through lok adalat/mediation? 3. If yes, make an application to the court. [Note-If a stay of execution has been ordered, intimation should be given of the fact on this notice.?