Property issue with siblings

Can you please guide / advise me options of solution in regard my property. Matters facts are below: 1-We are 4 siblings, two brothers and two sisters (younger sister recently expired in May 2021) 2-Almost 29 years back in 1992 my father expired, and being an elder son I have to take care of my all three siblings and mother also. I was the only one who was working and earning in the family when my father expired. We all were staying in 2 small house on rent that was too was being paid by me in cash to landlord. 3-Having worked for some years, I deposited some money and bought a house in 1998 and money which I paid to the seller by cash and chques from my account. Since my mother was alive and we all were staying together, I bough the house in my mother's name (through notarized sale deed). 4-In 2000, my mother too expired and the same year my elder sister got married.Now we three siblings were staying together in that house. 5- In 2001 I bought a big house from own earnings and savings and shited to new big house with my younger sister and brother before my marriage in 2002. both my younger siblings were students and dependent on me. 6- After few years in 2007, my younger sister got married against our family wish and moveout with his husband to a separate rented property. Unfortunately, her husband died in 2012 and recently in May 2021 she also expried due to covid19 and thjey have a minor son aged 10 years. All these 10 years I was supporting my younger sister and paying her rent and reasonable amount to meet her eaxpenses. Over these years I tried to relocate my younger sister to my first flat so she could stay safely along with my youger brother but my brother didn't allow her to stay with him all these years as they used to fight each other over small issue since their childhood. As I didn't want to spoil the peaceful atmosphere at home, I didn't pressurised my younger brother to accommodate and allow youger sister to stay in the same house to stay together, and I kept paying all rent and house hold expenses to my younger sister. 7-Next....later my young brother, who decided not to get married in life as he wanted to stay single throughout his life, moved to my previous house in 2010 which I bought first in 1998 when my mother was alive. Since I didn't doubt his intention I permitted him to stay in my first home. 8- Now since my sister has died and left a minor son (10yrs) I want to get vacate house from my younger brother so I could sale it and buy a small house close to my house for my nephew, who is orpahned now, so in future I could transfer the house to nephew grows and becomes adult. 9- Now my brother is not willing to vacate house and my elder sister is also supporting him in the matter. Please suggest best possible solution so I could get my house vacated from them. The original documents of the property is till in my possession. Please advise ..... Thank you!