Parking-in-gated community : car parking place sold

Hello Sir, I have purchased a flat in Hyderabad ( Miyapur) from bank e auction from SBH under SRFAESI Act 2002 ( Rule 9(6)). Before pucrhasing the Flat I verified the car parking place on parking area. ( the first owner is purchsed from builder separably those details are not in sale deed) after I entered the flat the Secretary has rubbed the flat allocated mark in parking area and told me that the frist owner has already sold him before forchasing the flat by bank. And he was showing notary documents for car parking sale. Now he is not allowing my vechile to park. Society is helpless situation. The apartment was built in 2005 ( 10 years old). Soceity president was saying "that time there was separate allocation for car slots as per builder wish" My Questions are : 1) He is first owner having the right to sell parking slot ? if yes, Is it possible to sell the parking place when the flat sale deed is under bank against the loan? 2) How can I get that previous parking place which my first owner is holding? 3) Do i have any right to objection / file the case against the new slot purchaser? Please suggest me how can i get my parking slot which intially allocated to my flat from builder. Your response is highly appreciable. Thank you