Landlord refusing to pay back deposite money, instead asking to pay mor to collect my belongings

According to rental aggrement, it was for 11 months and with two months of prior notice before vacating, but I got my job relocated so, without prior notice I said Il be vacating the flat, and I did so in between of the month and had my few belongings left back at flat, I thought the owner might be agreed to help, but instead now he threatened me that he will not return any advance deposit (25000) for 1rk, and also claimed false that not paid rent and but I have excat month to month transactions on my google pay, now he is asking more money to pay to take back my belongings, I need help this was my first job and a rented house, my landlord been turned completely opposite now and, in these covid times earning dt kind of money is also difficult for me to pay for my next house I knw the deposit is small amount bt a huge for me based on my earnings. Again I was also willing to give off the advance of with two month rent but now instead of all that he is asking me to pay 5000 to even collect my belongings, somebody please help and guide me what should be done