Width of mandatory path to my plot under easement law

Sir, my Grandfather's ancestral property was divided into four parts among his sons. My father received the last part of the plot and is the most dominant tenement. Now in the separate Khatian/Parcha/ROR, all other brothers get a path of 6 feet width mentioned in the Khatian. But the path does not come to my father's plot. Interestingly my uncle's plot which is just before my father's plot totally land locks my father's plot. But a part of my uncle's plot is shown as a path usable by other plot holders but it concludes halfway into my uncle's plot and does not exactly come to my father's plot. Now I know he cannot block my passageway as it's an easement by necessity. But the municipality won't permit the construction of a house unless the path is at least 6 feet wide as per Agartala Municipality Rules amended in 2019. So how to secure the required road width from my uncle's plot as he is threatening to give only 2 feet road that would satisfy the easement but won't satisfy the local rule of 1.8 meters that is 6 feet required to construct a house thereby rendering the plot useless.