Property and Business Distribution

I have 8 brothers, including 4 step brothers. My father was running its own business since last 35 years. This business is now running by my 4 brothers only. One of my brother is out of country and he is doing work in a company. 3 younger brothers are jobless and not doing any work. I have joined an organization after completion my education and doing job since last 5 years. Recently my father has sold out one of his flat which he bought 30 years ago. He has given approximately 50% amount to my brothers to invest in their running business and he bought 2 plots of remaining 40% amount. I raised a complaint for giving this flat amount to my brothers for business. We also have land of our forefathers (ancestors) in our village which is not distributed yet. Now I have decided to separate myself and I want to take my share in this flat amount as well as family business which my brothers are taking care and also the land which we have in our village. My father and also my brothers don’t want to separate and they are denying to give me any share at this time. But I want to take my share as things are going to be worst. So, please guide me as per legal perspective, that what will be the legal procedure for claiming and taking my share. Can I claim for my share in running business, amount of flat and land in village, as my father is still alive..? Or if I cannot claim at this time then what will be the procedure so that in future I can save myself and can have strong legal right of any issue that I am facing. And also please guide me, if I buy any property in future and in case I cannot separated, then can my brothers claim in that property. Thanks in Advance…!