Right of Husband to live in House constructed on a plot registered in his wife's name

In the eighties, I bought a shop from my father in law, Mr. Madanlal Verma - who duped me for near about Rs. 40,000/- since I had full faith in him & was inexperienced in dealing in real estate & properties. On his advice, I did not get the shop transferred in my name since he told me that whenever I wanted to sell it, he would transfer it & I would save stamp duty. I agreed. After about 2 months, I found out from the neighboring shop owners & some agents in the vicinity that the shop value was around Rs. 90,000/- to Rs. 95,000/-. I was shocked that I had paid my father in law Rs. 1,40,000/- for it. i approached my father in law & told him what I had found. He showed annoyance. However he promised to help me earn in some other real estate deal later. I fell for his sweet talk. But after some years, my father in law expired. I approached the Corporation office to ask them how to get this shop registered in my name. I was advised to obtain an NOC from all legal heirs of my father in law & submit it, then pay the requisite stamp duty & it would be transferred in my name. However, they advised me to transfer the shop in my wife's name, one of my father in law's daughter & I would not have to pay stamp duty. I used to love my wife very much & I was not even earning very much that time - so I happily agreed & got the shop transferred in her name. But the fact that my father in law had cheated me could not be digested & every 2 or 3 months I used to complain to my mother in law about it. In 1996 my mother in law felt like repenting for her husband's deed & told her sons to transfer the plot of land in Gobindnagar Coop Hsg Society, Chandan Nagar, Pune 411014, in my brother in law Sunil Madanlal Verma name, to me & close this issue once for all. My brothers in law agreed & I went on a hunting spree, found out the address of the secretary (in Shivajinagar, Pune) of Gobind Nagar Society by enquiring here & there, fixed an appointment with him to go to Advocate Kulkarni's office next to Alka Talkies, Pune (about 4 to 5 times) by paying his to & fro auto fare every time, & got the papers readied for transfer. However, again I don't know what overcame me, I transferred the plot in my wife's name thinking that my in-laws may be pleased that I was taking the plot in their daughters name. Even putting myself as co-owner did not strike me. However that is past history now. I even paid my brother in law around a lakh of rupees for it. Now after more than 25 years have elapsed since I am staying with her, my wife is telling me to get out of the house as she wants to sell the plot that is in her name. We do not get along. She does not want to give me anything & even the shop is hers she says. What is legal or police aid in this matter? Can I get justice under Article 65 of Limitation Act - or what other law would best would help me. Please, I am a senior 66 years old citizen & really need GOOD ADVICE & HELP.