Legal rights of Partner of Unregistered Partnership Company

Hi, I request you to kindly help in the situation explained below - A (Me) and B started an unregistered partnership firm(Firm) wayback in 1994 and are equal partners in the firm. Firm owns a building which is rented to a limited Company(Company). Company exists since 1998. Both A and B were promoter directors of the Company till 2011, after which A has resigned from board and there are other investors holding the shares and have nominee directors on board. A holds around 10% of equity shares of the Company and B owns around 20%. B is also Managing Director and CEO of the Company Firm does not have any other transaction than the rental income for the building which is rented to Company There is a rental agreement between both the parties, renewable every year and was last renewed in 2009. Broad terms of which tells both parties on mutual consent may extend the agreement. Company was paying rent till 2013 April and after which it has stopped paying rent, however it continue to use the premises. Since there is conflict between A and B, Company claims B has asked Company not to pay rent, hence they have not paid the rent. Now my question is, As a partner of the unregistered firm , do I have legal stand to fight this in court of law alone as B is the CEO and who has refused to pay and who is actually the opponent Also the firm has pledged the property to Bank on behalf of Company against the overdraft and property documents are in Bank All documents of the firm , such as partnership deed, Pan card, Bank passbook etc are also with B Given all these points, what should be the way forward for me?