Gram Panchayat Layout Cheating

Namaste. This is a Gram panchayat Layout. Upon enquiry we found the following. Z- Original owner of the agriculture land (5Acres). P1- Layout was done by P1 P2- Partner of P1 P3- Agent who sold the plots A,B,C,D and E- Partners of P3 I noticed the following points upon examining the Statement of Encumbrance of property available online. 1. Property: 5 Acres, Sale deed, M/Year: 11/2005, Parties: Z (EX), P1 (CL). 2. Property: 5 Acres, AGPA, M/Year: 1/2006, Parties: P1(EX), P2(CL). 3. Property: 2 Acres, Sale deed, M/Year:6/2006, Parties: P2(EX), P1(CL). 4. Gram Panchayat Layout of 100 plots was now done by P1 in complete 5 Acres and sold the plots to the public through Sale deed. We bought a plot(200 sq yds) in the layout. 5. After 10 years, Property: 3 Acres, Sale deed, M/Year:9/2016, Parties: P2(EX)(AGPA), P3(CL). 6. Year: 2017, P3 divided the 3 Acres into 5 parts and sold them to A,B,C,D and E. (Sale deed) 7. Year: 2021, A,B,C,D and E built a compound wall along the perimeter of 3 Acres. Only after seeing the construction of the wall we came to know that everyone of them colluded and cheated us. P3 can be located. But it is impossible for us to locate P1 and P2. No support from local police. Kindly please suggest us what can be done now. It is very sad and painful to experience our land being grabbed by those group of people who clearly have the intention of cheating us.