Transfer of central government employ to state where spouse workg

Respected sir/madam, myself is raji working in central government (department of space ) as engineer. my husband is working in state government of kerala. Also, our is inter cast marriage with myself is OBC and husband is SC category. i have one two years daughter. I know that government office order is there for posting husband and wife in same station. I applied for transfer to kerala but transfer is not giving and telling the reason of manpower issue.Simply delaying the process of transfer and not taking any against my request. in this case, my doubt is given below 1. If transfer is not given, what is the rule applicable to give compliant against officers 2. being a female employee with small aged kid, what are the laws applicable for welfare of female employees. 3. is any law or rule for protecting the rights and making the welfare of inter-cast married couples. especially in the case of transfer matters 4. if file a case against my office for my transfer matter, whether i will get justice of transfer to kerala 5. I am getting mental harassment from my officers in the form of harsh words like laddy employees are not good, made harassment on my pregnency period,etc... telling indirectly that laddy employees are not required for office. what kind case i can file aginst this? what will be the justice from court of law? Whether this will help my transfer matter( because my officer is telling females are problem and in kerala being female, VSSC, Trivandrum,Kerala officers informed that they don’t want ladies .....beacse of laddy my chances getting transferred to kerala rejected) please give me the legal advice on above matter. especillay my transfer case