Firm Managing Partners Refuse to Show accounts and pay fare share amounts

My father is being a share holder (10%) and his mother (10%) of the firm (Movie Theatre) since past 25 years with other relatives as partner (HUF), The managing partner and their children are NRI's being major partners (70%). They are unethical and combined with another local partner who is brother (10%) of my father, he is maintaining the firm since past 25 years and always tells there are losses and no good revenue orally, so due to less knowledge on those aspects my father used to believe them and always receives the less share amount as profit so far at present i have observed their fraudulent behavior and auditors also compromised with them not showing any accounts to us then we decided there is no more further business with them. We approached a party from outside and decided to see our share but they are refused to show our accounts, deeds & records for the share value estimation they neither buying our share nor releasing us to sell to outers since they are NRI's they have the local share holder support become rude and harassing us. Is there any possibility to proceed against to them. Thank you.