Wife went without information since last 2.5 years

Dear All, My wife has left me with my 13 years daughter since last 2.5 years after 15 years of marriage span by putting wrong allegation like I am not giving fees of my daughter, money for expenses, affair with other girl. All this are wrong allegation and in fact, she was earning since from our marriage. I never ask any money from her earning and presently also she earn lot and buy 50 lacs flat, one car, tv, freeze and good amount of saving. I have asked and requested to come back and let us live together by putting pressure through my relative but she started putting above allegation and finally refuse to come back. I have ask her if she don't want to come back and happy with present living, she must give divorce but she wants me to file case and than she will fight by putting all above allegation. When I ask many people, they said all rules are favor of women so no meaning to go with court. I actually want to clear this matter so what I should do after 15 years of marriage life?