Name and Shame by MC members

There was a 2 year old leakage which the association has not sorted till date and does not even acknowledge it. Post that, for healthy living - I held back some maintenance amount spent by me to temporarily fix it. This happened when the building was under warranty period. But the MC never told me till the warranty expired. They stopped DG back up, water and garbage collection as they did not acknowledge the issue and my tries to resolve it. They kept coloring it as maintenance not paid. Later, on police intervention due to my compliant - the police warned the association MC that their act was illegal and guided them on settlement. However, they made it a name and shame issue by spreading lies and using webinar to run the meeting and muting me when I tried telling my side of the story and muting those who supported me. Later they put out a MOM in notice board that stays there for 2 weeks now. What to do if the association puts up wrong MOM in the notice board and uses name and shame tactics post the police told them it is wrong to do so. They are also using gossiping and other tactics to spread ill about me and my family. How to protect my peaceful stay in the apartment?