Harassments done to me & my family when we raised the concerns regarding the issues in the bldg

*Overflow of water from Overhead Tank on terrace almost every day from 2011 onwards with heavy waterflow on terrace has damaged the terrace and there is leakage through roof in my house. *Bicycle stolen from and car's windshield broken by someone when parked in building premises Building member had mentioned that the bicycle cannot be kept in the building staircase on ground floor nor could be taken from the lift. It was stolen from the building premises with in one month. Car's windshield was also broken by some one when parked in the building premises. Did requested the building members to contribute to install the CCTV Camera's to safe guard the building premises but still no corrective measures are taken. Whenever there is issue relating to the light or connection issues, I have personally paid for the repairs, tubelight & electrician charges to get the issue resolved. It was never reimbursed to me. There is no one except our house on the 7th floor, as mentioned above 601 & 701 is duplex. Occupancy Certificate NOT received for 5th to 7th Floor. Amount collected and contributions from all the flat owners were well used to resolve the other issues. Concerns and problems those specifically related to the higher floors have been completely neglected and ignored. Too much humiliations done to me and my mother. When I was not in a position to pay my maintenance when I lost my job in 2018. Though every one in the building is aware that I am the sole earning member of my family as my son is a studying and my mother is a senior citizen. Did manage to pay the maintenance when arranged the funds. After facing such issues and humiliations for almost a decade, it is understood that members staying on the lower floors in the building are NOT interested in resolving the issues and problems faced my me or others on higher floors in the building. All flats on the 6th and 7th floor except mine are given on rent, hence the flat owners are not staying here to understand, escalate and resolve the issues there by are further deteriorating the building conditions from roof of the building. I will have to resolve the issues on higher floor on my own. I decided to hold paying my amount of contribution to accumulate the funds and get the leakage proofing, CCTV, and other building maintenance required to be done on the higher floors as I have been always doing but reimbursed much later or not at times . When conveyed this to some of the flat owners/members in the building that I am thinking in that direction, they changed the lock on the terrace and are NOT giving me the keys giving some vague security reasons. To further harass me and my family, the building's gate that we use for going in/out plus vehicles is locked as they know that come by cab/car when commuting to and from for work reasons and my brother get auto to meet my mother/son or to take them to doctor. They are NOT giving the key and asking to pay the parking charges that we are not aware.