Transfer of immovable property

One immovable property is in M.P State in the joint name of husband and wife .Unfortunately husband dies . what will happen : 1. whether wife become owner of property automatically or she need to submit death certificate of husband to registrar office to make the property in her sole name or any other formalities to complete and can dispose of at sole discretion or gift to one daughter or any one son in law without taking any consent from other two daughters ( out of three daughters ) 2. if mother now wants to relinquish her owner ship in property in favor of her one daughter ( out of 3 daughter's ) , than whether she can do through relinquishment deed and in such case whether all other two daughters need to sign also in that deed . 3. If both sl 1 and 2 no applicable , than can mother give gift to one daughter without involving other two daughters . 4. pl suggest any other legal and economical way of transfer of property to one duaghter and other two daughters are agree for any of such legal method .