Can a secretary/society committee member stop a new tenant as agreement was to be signed on same day

Hi recently rented my property in mumbai. I had informed one commmitte member about renting it out & what documents were required. Did try to arrange a video con call with tenant, that didn't happen as I didn't hear from committee member. I couldn't get rental agreement done before hand as tenant was in ahemdabad, owner in bangalore & property in mumbai & its covid, lockdown time. I informed a day prior that my tenant will be occupying the flat & all procedure (rental agreement & police verification) will be done on same day & given to them by 12 noon. And tenant was coming along with his family. They denied entry to the tenant said unless they won't get any documents they won't allow them in. After lot of pleading they allowed them inside the house, didn't allow him to unload his belongings unless they get print of agreement , thou they got police verification NOC. They even charged me 2000/- penalty for not giving details in time. In reality, it was informed via ph the situation & it was to be done on same day as tenant was to come. I was told this is the procedure & law.