Memorundum of family settlement

We all coparceners and members of HUF of my father prepared memorandum of family arrangement of all properties of my father ,ancestor properties and self acquired properties of each coparceners in presence of seven reputed persons of society and notarised the document (oral partition,not registered) After one year my father died. My father's one plot and house was in my native place. For that we declared in memorandum that we two brothers have equal share in those two properties My mother stay with my brother. My mother registered her name on those properties on basis of death certificate of my father without consent of other class one heirs and gram panchayt passed resolution and register her name on titles of those properties. After two months she gifted those properties to my nephew who is 35 years old and stay with my mother. My mother ,brother ,his son all know and were present during preparation of family memorandum . My questions are 1. Inspite of knowing that I have half share in those properties, my mother and nephew registered their name without my relinquish deed or consent. Which IPC section will work against them? 2.. Talati and sarpanch passed resolutions and registered my mother and nephew's names on titles without my consent or relinquish deed, so which IPC section work against them? 3. can memorandum which was signed by all coparceners and member can be challenged in court by one member to change matters which were already decided in it? According to Limitation act 1963 , in how much time?