Property matter

Hello Team, I am looking forward a legal advice to a family come property matter. My 1st marriage broke and post which I was living along with my parents for appr 7 yrs. I was employed all though out. My dad was not keeping well and the only source of income was my salary and my younger brother who was earning too. Although my salary was high as compared to him all these years and hence I managed household financial expenses with my salary too. I have a daughter from my 1st marriage. During my stay at home post my 1st marriage broke we bought 2 flats. For the 1st flat that we bought we sold of the flat in which we lived and made payment towards purchase of new flat plus I took loan and also contributed from my salary savings towards purchase of the flat. Dad's contribution of the money was apprx 50% of the flat value that we bought. I continued to pay EMI's for the loan I took towards purchase of the flat. Flat is in the name of myself and my Mom. Unfortunately my Dad passed away soon after we had purchased 1st flat. Post 2 yrs of time i bought another flat on loan. I continued paying EMI's for both flat. We lived in one of the flat and 2nd one we rented out. Rent was retained by me. For both the flats purchased I have added my mom as a co owner. Now the situation has changed, I got remarried . In one of the flat my my mom and younger brother are continuing living and 2nd one is rented out. As both the flats are in my and moms name , it is creating a lot of complication towards different payments. Mom is claiming that both the flats belong to her and i do not have any right in it as she mentions that it is her property that Dad left for her security and livelihood expenses. She is not willing to discuss and solve it. I am looking at resolving the matter by separating the share in the property as it is affecting my personal life and I do not wish this to further affect my married life. Kindly suggest. Thanks