Dispute with tenant for deposit amount refund

Hi, I had rented my property in Pune for 5 years to a tenant. For last one and half year due to Corona and travel restrictions, we could not renew the agreement. When we asked him to initiate agreement now for another 11 months, he delayed and when we pushed further, he vacated the flat. He did not pay rent for last month even after we asked. He wanted deposit before he vacated and we said post inspection, we will do the needful. During inspection we found that things were damaged like gas knobs are broken, gas and chimney are never ever cleaned, walls are spoiled by his kids with some drawings, property not cleaned, all fan regulators are broken, complete kitchen unit is broken, He had mentioned about some kitchen leakage 2 years back saying it is builder issue but when we asked for photos and details he never provided and he let things get damaged since then. And now claiming he informed us. It is costing us around Rs 45000 to fix and rough estimate is around 50000... So as we owe him 45000, we told him that if expenses are lower, we will pay else he needs to pay. Property is managed with complete negligence and disrespect. I believe it is my right to take all fixing expenses from him as he managed the property grossly. He is pushing for whole deposit back and went to police. Pl let me know what are my right.