Abuse,threat and harrasment by neighbour

I'm living as a tenant in my apartment from 0ct 2018. From last 6 months ,the neighbors living below my flat has been constantly complaing of some thumping noise through out the day. We have been trying to make her understand it's not coming from our flat and she can check with the other neighbors also because most of them hear noises coming at odd times of running,jumping, furniture dragging. We have been very polite to her but she crossed all her limit , knocked at my door at 11 in the night abusing my husband ,showing her middle finger ,screaming and used some brand name to threaten us. Unfortunately we don't have any solid proof but me ,my daughter and husband all of us stood and witnessed this whole uncouth and barbaric behaviour of my neighbour. Our peace of mind is lost. We have filed an official complaint with the association but we need to put an end to this for once and for all. We can't be living in fear because of the threats. Pls help me as to what should I do to stop this harrasment. Thanks