Please help me

Dear Sir, My name is Mahatab Alam. I am originally from Uttar Pradesh. I am here in Mumbai for livelyhood from one year. A son of panvala. And staying with my friend's room. Sir, A friend of mine named Pritesh Pandey set me to work with an intereor designer contactor from December 2014 to March 2015. When I asked for salary after completing one month. Contractor Mr. Arvind told to me that I will pay you after receiving payment from ongoing site. I requested him to pay my payment many times but he said I am unable to pay right now you should wait till party's payment. Nearly 1 and half month later he gave me 10 thousands and his second hand Samsung Tab said to me please work with me I will pay your every balance amount in next months payment. Ongoing site has been completed. And he has no work order for further work. Such I continued to work with him. And from next month he started repairing work because he hadn't work order. In the next month I asked to pay him my all due and I also said him I dont wish to continue further because you (contractor) neither paying me nor I am feeling that my career is secure with you. I told this conversation with friend my Pritesh and said please tell to Mr. Arvind to pay my salary because I am not feeling well with Mr. Arvind! I was very disappointed because he doesn't paid my salary and intentionally his attitude was negative about my salary. So I faced very hard problems for my servival. My roommates got angry at me and made my joke in front of others because of I didn't paid room fare and ration charge from last few months but they said to me that you can stay here with us! In the month of March 2015 I decided that I will not work with Mr. Arvind and finally I determined to say to Mr. Arvind. I called him and said please pay my salary till now I don't want to work with you. He said ok I will pay your payment please give me some day to arrange amount. One day he called me and said I am coming Andheri for meeting so you come with me I will pay your salary there. I went Andheri with him. After reaching there I asked for my salary. He opened his bag and given 4 thousands and said this is your salary till today. I was shocked how can I take 4 thousand on the name of my 2 months salary. I told why are you giving me only 4 thousands I am asking for my last two months payment not 4 thousands. When I said him I cant take 4 thousand as my salary. He used to abuse me and raised his hand on me and said you must go from here else....? I feared of his anger so I called on 100 number to the Police. He suddenly started his scooter and go away from there. I was there a Policeman reached that time and asked me what was the problem. I told him all matter. Mr. Policemen suggested me to go Andheri Police Station as quick as you can reach. I went to bus stand and sat in a bus for Andheri Police Station. While traveling in bus a phone came to me from Andheri Police Station. A Policeman told me a person named Arvind registering a complaint against you where are you now. I said Sir I am in bus and will reach Police Station within half an hour, he said ok. I reached PS and met to Inspector saheb and told all the happened matter. At PS Mr. Arvind blamed on me and said to the Inspector Saheb that he (Mahatab Alam) fought and snatched my helmet. Then Inspector saheb asked me why you took his helmet. I said sir I didn't took his helmet. He gave his helmet to me while opening his bag during paying 4 thousand to me on the road. And when he raised his hand on me with abuses then I called to the Police he suddenly started his scooter and gone away, so his helmet was with me. After calling on 100 I was waiting to the Police that time I put his helmet near a snack shop. Inspector saheb told I'm going to register NC on both of you. You both may go now. I was very disappointed in mind and thinking O my god what is happening with me. I asked for my salary not PS. Please save me. Save me god. While leaving PS Mr. Arvind came to me and said "we both were wrong" out of PS. He said forget everything which happened. He discussed with me about everything and said to me you know we haven't work order that's why I have no money and seeking for an investor then I said give me at least 6 thousands as 2 months salary so that I pay my room fare and ration and finish the matter I will never ask for any amount in the future from you. He gave 4 thousand and said after few days will give you 2 thousands. From that day I kicked his job and any relation and I sat at my room as unemployed more than one month. After few days an another person offered me job so I went there and joined and worked till 14th of August from 15th August I am at my room for completing my data entry part time job even I have to go Lucknow for Job. I called to Mr. Arvind hundreds time for my pending 2 thousands but he always said will pay you after few days but not given till now. 3 days ago he called me and said I am going to start my work again please come work with me. I said ok but I haven't money then he said I'll pay you first. I thought in my mind when he will give me 2 thousands in my hand after I will say I don't want to work with you. I am going to my native place. ............................................................. .......,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.......................,.,....... Today at my past place where I resides Few policemen came and asked where is Alam. And they told to my roommates He have taken advance amount from a company for Interior design work but didn't complete his work and he is the contractor. Actually I was not present that time. I strongly suppose Mr. Arvind have misuses my name while transactions of any amount. Please please sir suggest what should I do. I am feeling very much tension in my mind because neither I have taken any amount nor I am a contractor. Please help me sir I belongs to a very poor family.