Legal notice from previous company for breaking bond

Hello Sir, I was working for a company where i had signed a bond of 3 years and they took cheque of 1 Lac as bond amount from me. They were paying me 8000 per month salary. If i break the bond then they would deposit the cheque and take the money. I was told that my salary would increase after 3 months, which never happened. Also i was told that training would be provided to me which never happened as well. I was put on the project and was expected to produce result without adequate training. So i decided to leave the company after 4 months. I left without informing them. Since then i joined a new company after 3 months of leaving the old company. Now i have got a e-mail from previous company after 6 months of leaving the job saying that i have to pay a damage of 1 lac plus legal fees. They have mentioned in the mail that they will send a legal notice to my home address and to my current employer if i don't pay the money. What should i do now? Need your help and Guidance. What happens if i couldn't pay the amount? Can i be fired from my current company? I am frustrated and scared. Don't know what to do ? Please guide me.