How should property be split and distributed among three children?

My father owns a property (HUF) and all the siblings (3 of us) would like to now partition the property. I am the eldest of the three. Myself and my youngest sibling own a home on our own (self-purchased). Second child does not have a house on their own and is not in talking terms with just my family. We all currently live in different places and only father resides in his place (that is to be partitioned). Regarding the property, it runs south to north with a road access on the north (currently undivided). On the other three sides (south, west, and east), other neighbors reside. The southern end is an empty land, and two small houses (1 where my father is living and another one is rented which he is using for his expenses) is on the north side. 1. Now, is there a law that states who will get which side or should it go through mediation? At the moment, they are suggesting I should take the southern part (they claim it is a norm that eldest child gets southern end). I do not prefer this because I do not want to deal with the distress with the second sibling, particularly because this involves passing by their share for entrance and I worry in future, they will block the access and just take me through a trauma. 2. Is it valid to give empty land to one child but the others take the share with property without properly compensating me? Also, given north side is with the road access, it also has a higher value. 3. My youngest sibling is claiming she will pass on her share of the property to the second sibling because she does not have a home (none of our mistakes fairly). Is this legal and do I have any legal way of stopping this? Primarily because I wanted my youngest sibling to be in the middle, so I do not have to deal with the other sibling. 4. If I have to end up with southern end, how much of access land can I ask (I would like to have at least a car pass through it)? Also, this will reduce their share of land because of the way and do I have to give more share from my southern end to them even though they are in the front? 5. Most important of all, I do not want to partition now as my father still lives there. Nobody discusses who takes care of the father and where he will stay in such a case. Also, the second sibling is threatening that if I do not agree, they will come and stay in one of the houses (because they do not want to continue paying rent, they say they are poor). Also, they want me to take southern end. Can they go and stay without other siblings agreement and without paying rent? Also, I fear they might make my father sign the deed solely for them if they stay there. How to stop this? Thank you very much for answers.