Assigned land allotted by govt of andhrapradesh in the year 1999

The above site was assigned to me of 170 sqyds in raghunathpLly mandal in village komLl i Warangal dist telanganA a StateI, I am a poor widow and getting meagre pension after death of myhusband who worked in railways.I have two sons and are divided from my family and doing their lively hood. I can not construct -any house there in the site due to no proper passGe to the site and tahasildR has not give proper pNchanama. and not demarcated boundaries. When I have filed a writ in AP High court in 2013 the govt pleader for. Revenue has stated that Panchanama was given on 15/3/2013 and possession was. Give hence close the case. The above Panchanama was conducted in a hurried Manner by the thasildAr without doing properly. Now district collector has written a. Letter to thAnasildR and RDO and a copy marked to me saying that since I am a pensioner and my sons are. also employed advised tahasildR saying that I a ineligible forthe above assignedland allotted to me and advised them to take action as per Assigned Rules. What legal remedy I should get to take. Possession of land. With properpanchanama and demarcation for Construction in the. Site.