Commercial or Industrial Property

Recently got Completion Certificate for my RCC Constructed building of Ground + First Floor on an MIDC Plot in Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation Limits from the MIDC for industrial/manufacturing purpose. Which category will my property fall in case of property tax will it be Commercial of Industrial. We applied for assessment and some third party came to assess our property. However we haven't received update from the department but came to know that we will be charged commercial rates. I went to a website of our corporation - for Property Tax self assessment. There is huge difference between commercial and industrial rates. If they tax me according to commercial property can we apply and change it to Industrial. Also on the ground floor of my building we have made a loft of about 800Sq ft (Out of total carpet area of 5000sq ft) for storage/office purpose and they have charged separately for the loft at commercial rate and that too 3 times the rate as it is shown as unauthorised. Pls help