Unresponsible behaviour and service

I ordered a cycle from amazon.com. It was to be delivered on August 1, 2015. I got message on 22 July that product has been dispatched. However, seeing no messages regarding the product till July 29. I contacted amazon, which directed me to seller "Sports365". They told they will not be able to ship as they need "Form 50" to deliver product in W.Bengal. They did not initially demanded such thing, nor never contacted me. It was only when I followed up, they cleared the things. When I told it is not my duty to provide the form and they should full fill their commitment as the payment was made long back. They replied that cannot deliver and refunded the payment, in spite of me saying that I am still looking forward for the product as it was much liked by my nephew and he is anticipating it. On my repeated following, they agreed to ship without papers and told me to contact them for placing order. When I contacted them they said it will take "3 month" time. Finally, I got frustated and ordered a different cycle in amazon.com from a different seller. He delivered it in "4 days" without any extra demand like "Form 50"