Daughter rights on father’s earned property

Am 47 year old Christian lady previously a Hindu by birth. I married against my parents wishes but happily married since 20 odd years. We have no kids. Recently came to know my father sold an open plot and got 6 crores. When I asked him politely for a small share, he bluntly refused and said this amount and his self acquired house will go to his sons but not me since I did an inter caste marriage and allegedly brought bad name to him and his caste, we are from BC and not having any big name nor having good social statues. He capitalized on eloping, bringing bad name but not willing to compromise after 2 decades! He plans to write a Will as well, of course my name Not being included. I tried all relatives speaking on my behalf but in vain. Am comfortable in life, having a job, flat, husband a business. But am sad and angry that both my parents Discriminates me as a girl saying you have no place for mercy! Can someone be so stubborn, Old school thought and discriminative for sharing their money? Am very confused and pondering to disown them by publishing in newspapers as well so they go away from my sight mind and my documents as well. Please advise!!