Buy NPA property via private treaty

I have been approached by a agent/ broker from a property site about a property sealed by a bank. i have been told that the agent would carry out the sale via private treaty. the agent has shared the principal amount required by the bank + registration and stamp duty + agency fees. I need to pay the first instalment of the fees to the agent post which he shall start the process. - I have to sign a Offer Letter (suggesting that i have seen the property& have interest in buying the same for the amount give by the bank and ready to pay 10% earnest money deposit by a DD towrds offer price for the property - sign a authority letter where i authorise the agent to act on behalf of me & negotiate with bank authorized officer for purchase of property put for sale by the bk. action or decision taken by agent is binding on me - a MOU on a STAMP PAPER is prepared between the agent and me where i have all the right to put across the points that i feel are right. Signed by me as well as the agent (step 1,2,3 to take a weeks time) -post the MOU a sealed envolope( with my attested documents pan card, adhar card, color xerox of DD, offer letter, authority letter) given to bank officer. bk taes 25-30 days to process - bank officer to approach the DRTor sale order -drt studies the propert in 30 days - issues summons to original buyer/owner/defaulter for 45 days - if no responsefrom original owner- drt to issue a sale order for the new buyer i 1 wk - the buyer can see/inspect the property and property papers from the bank. if i like the property i shall deposit the DD of the earnest amt to the bk - i become 90% owner of the property. i can also avail a loan for this property. - the entire process to take 3-4 mths - the agent is responsible for stamp duty and registration. The agent is also responsible to give a society noc, bank noc, police noc etc. Please guide if it is safe to buy a property by this manner. Is it legal and genuine