Share of Expense Contributuion

We are staying in a complex which has 4 registered societies and these 4 societies has formed an Association (this is not yet registered). Want to understand if the bye-laws for the society and association are the same. This question I am raising bcoz our society has more flats as compare to other societies in the complex and our association is pressurizing us to contribute the expense flat-wise basis the "Order - Charging of Service charges at Co-operative societies. Dated 29th April, 2000". In view of the public interest, the government directs under Section 79 (A) of the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960 as follows : 1.The Co-operative Housing Societies should charge the maintenance charges ‘equally to all flats” as earlier under rule no 71 (A) (7) of model bye laws they accepted. 2. The Above order shall be applicable to all residential flats and commercial galas in all types of registered Co-operative Housing Societies. Similarly these orders will come into force from 26/05/1999 respectively. 3. Those housing societies have collected maintenance charges from their members as per the government order dt. [deleted], then such societies should return the said maintenance charges to the concerned member or adjusted in the next months monthly charges with the consent of the concerned members. 4. All the registered co-operative housing societies in the state should make necessary amendments in their bye-laws as above. However, even after not doing this, these orders shall come into force from dt. [deleted] respectively. Please do let us know if is applicable to Association as well.