Owner asks for rent raise and vacate during this lockdown

I run a laundry under msme loan scheme(20 lakhs loan) I have rented a vacant plot 4 years back. When i asked my landlord to provide me the necessary workshop structure, he refused by saying he cannot afford any money for that and told if I need,I canbuild the structure with sheets on top and he will pay me later when i vacate. So I agreed for his deal and it costed me around 6 to 7lakhs to complete the structure. But my landlord forced not to mention this proposal in the agreement and also refused to offer me a long term agreement, instead demanded 3 lakhs as advance other than the structure i built on his land. Everything went well and i started my bank repayments and meanwhile my landlord renewed my 11 months agreement twice also increased the rent. But all these until the first lockdown started lastyear. During the first lockdown i requested for a concession on the rent, but he refused. So i couldn't pay him the rent on time, i took a month time and started paying him part by part and also took a loan top up and somehow paid all the rent dues and lockdown was released, business was gradually getting better and normal. And now again the problem raised now during the second lockdown, I managed to pay the rent for may month. Now arranging money for this month, but two days back i got a phone call from my landlord stating that he needs to raise the rent which was a shock for me and also he wants me to vacate in six months time as he wants to build a house there. Then i requested to give me some more time (atleast a year or two) and also questioned regarding the building and structure i made, he answers that "u made it for ur comfortability, i am not responsible for that and i cannot bear. If you want remove everything and go". How will i remove a built structure with bricks and cement, only thing i can remove is the sheet on top. Already i am facing loss due to less business in lockdown. I am even ready to bear the raise of rent, but cannot bear to vacate the place, even my msme loan is just half the way(still 3 years more to complete the loan). What shall I do now? Is there any possibility to get atleast one or two years time from my landlord legally or till i complete my loan