IT Company Closed Suddenly and They Not Providing Salary's

We are totally 8 employers and worked in IT company from last 6 months and in last month on 17 July 2015 company just closed without given us a notice period (agreement signed before joining for 45 days notice from both side and deducted half salary of first month as security ) and they said they will continue company on another location but again when we asked about salary .. they just said we will send all funds to your accounts on 8 august as usually we get salary .. when Few days passed we again gone to owner's home and asked about salary then he just said i don't have anything, I can't pay and again company's owners father given us date for today (18 august ) .. today we gone to their home but again he said he don't have anything i can't pay now again we have to wait for 2 to 3 months because he don't have funds and he said he hired by someone else when they will send funds we will send to you and our company closed now. Now what should we do please help us. we just tired asking again again what legal action we can do and we have offer letter as well as agreements signed by owner of company and us. Please help