Land lord has leased a part of the land which already leased to one person

I have been leased a commercial land from A land owner, for five years, but every 11 months the agreement is made and signed. this is the third renewal, and still under validity. On the leased land i have constructed a few temporary building for subletting to other clients, food outlets (food court). Suddenly one of the client has disputed and argue for some baseless issues with me, and i have complained to local police. Police warned him and he agreed to vacate the space. But the tenant approached the land owner and made another lease agreement with him, and file a suit against me. Court issued ainjunction order to me not to step into the property. My lease agreement with land lord is valid but not legalised, as it is 11 months renewable only the new agreement between the my tenant and land lord is legalized. the Tenant is now very abusive and threatening other tenants and he is too much aggressive in the compound. IS my Agreement valid ? I have spend around 1.5 cr to construct the building and ambience at food court, by taking loan and all my savings. How to get legal help in my case. Is there any law protecting the truth?