Breach of trust

I am married from past 11 years. My husband and his family told lies regarding his education, family & job at the time of marriage. Also after marriage I got to know that he did not have any job, however considering it to a phase of life I had just ignored it and since my parents had already passed away before my wedding and also I have a younger sister who was then 17 years old, I was always forced to hide my marital problems from my relatives. As and when required I was also asked to help my husband financially then after few years I was forced to sell of our paternal property and all the money that I had got from there my husband had forced me through emotional pressure to give it to him. If I would ever refuse to fulfill his demands he would try to cut his hands or harm himself and say that he is in depression. All this led to completion of complete financial back-up that my parent had left for me. But he still continues to make unwanted demands and know forces me to borrow from my sister. Now I am tired of all these things and moreover as per his promises he has never even tried to return our money back which he promised at the time of borrowing it. Also, he doesn't realizes his responsibilities towards his kids. Now its been 3 months that I had come to my relatives place and tried to explain him that if he wants his family back he needs to change his habits and return our money. Also for the time being he should send us money for the kids but since he is again out of job, he and his relatives are telling that when he will get the job only then he will send it. But all these years his mother who lives in Dubai with her daughter has been sending him cash for his comfort, but now they say that daughter-in-law and grand children's are not her responsibility. Is there any way of put pressure on them to give us money for the kids. Also please tell us whom should we approach if we want to opt for the sepration and want him to pay for the kids and return all our money. My husband is currently in Delhi and I am in another city.