Is there any laws or point help us maintanence

I have taken an apartment in hyderabad manikonda area. It's a group of 6 owners existing. Due to water problem we are buying tanks on daily bases which costs 800 Rs per day. Water will loaded into sump (Storage) first and loaded into over head take and distribution of water will be done using common pipe line every one. Most of the families count is 1-5 and our family is 8 members. Problem 1: Due to some technical problem 1 floor members not getting water supply and they are trying to take the water from water sump (storage) directly using buckets. 2 floor person starting arguing regarding usage of uncleaned buckets. 1st floor member placed a letter in complaint book regarding this. 2nd floor family went starting wrong (falty) language against him , went to door steps and started shouting on 1st floor member. - what action should taken in this case ? Problem 2: One of owner started pointing out water charges should be distributed based on family members. Stating "he is staying single so he will pay for single person". But water distributed to every one from over head tank equally. We disagreed by placing a letter in complaint book and suggested water meters as solution, still he is discussing on this in meeting what should be done? - Is there any law which inform complete/common rules should be followed in apartments.