Can I claim the financial loss which I have suffered?

Dear Reputed Lawyer's, My grandfather and grandmother (both expired) owned a real estate property in a cooperative housing society. Both of them transferred the property by a registered gift deed to my Father and me (grandson) in 2011. At the time of transferring, the society gave the NOC to transfer as all the maintenance and charges were paid off. When I approached the society for the share certificate (membership), the society came up with some handwriting objections from my relatives (sister's of my father) regarding not to transfer as they are having a share in the property. Thus, the society didn't grant me the share certificate and told me to bring NOC from my relatives. Also, told me to go to registrar. My relatives filed a case in Mumbai City civil court regarding partition of the property. Today, the flat is in the name of my grandfather and grandmother. Society is putting legal expenses in my bill and telling me to pay. Secondly, I'm also having probated WILL of my grandfather and grandmother. Question Can I rent my flat, there is no stay order from court. I'm not having share certificate. From 2011 till 2021 can I claim the loss from the society regarding mental torcher, harassment and rent loss. Which forum to proceed for help? (Consumer or City civil).