Parking Issue

Dear Sir; i purchase still parking at time of flat purchase , that time builder ask only 5 still parking will available in building but after oc received builder allot 5 more marking in same 5 still parking with applying hydraulic System . it means in one still parking thye allot one more hydraulic parking. my parking is Ground level parking and other parking above my parking (hydraulic parking). now the hydraulic system is not working from last 2 month. So i am not able to use my parking because of hydraulic lift platform not going up. when i ask society member they ask you will resolve (I and hydraulic lift owner on your oven cost) o if not possible then society will repair and ad charge in maintenance.(still not start parking maintenance). When i ask to builder you was cheet to me. at the time purchasing you not ask about hydraulic parking. and you apply hydraulic lift and at the time of allotment time you not ask that you will barer for hydraulic maintenance. Now after hand over society its come. but he will ask you will resolve we cant do any thing. my society is handovered. So i want to know what to done now because why i pay for that hydraulic repairing charge while i not use and my parking on ground level. So please suggest what to do?.