Landlord not returning my deposit money even after multiple request

Hello everyone, I took a house for rent under Leave & License agreement for 11 months in [deleted]. I stayed there till January 2020 and due to Covid i had relocate to my native place but then also i was paying full rent on time, I paid rent till May 2020 after that i decided to vacate the room since i was not there on my behalf my brother vacated the room on 19th of May. At the time of vacating the room room owner said that he will return my deposit in some time and I agreed on that understanding the Covid situation. but after 2-3 months I started asking for my returning my deposit but each and every call he tried to deny. I continued the process of requesting for money every month but each time he denied. And now its been 13 months since I have vacated the room still no response. I have all the call and message records with I have sent him. Now he is not responding my call or messages. when I called from different number he picked the call and saying that he need more time. When I argued he is not replying after that. I think he blocked my number. Since I'm not in bangalore he is not taking it seriously, this is really an inappropriate behaviour. Please advise what should I do now as I need my money very urgently.