My father married twice against the family opinion,now after his death what our course of action?

My father remarried after my mother's death in 2001, against the will of my brother and me. During which time I was in Saudi Arabia, and before the remarriage, he was living with my brother. But after the remarriage, my brother threw him out and cut relations with him. Then my father moved into my house without informing us. We knew none of this was happening. And after this incident, the property was distributed, and everyone got their share-which includes me, my brother, and the second wife. All property is inherited from past generations and not bought by my grandfather. And after it was done I bought back the family property from the second wife. One year ago my father got critically ill and passed away two months ago. Still, the second wife is living with us, we don't want her to continue here. She has her own home. There no mention of what her position will be after my father's I any property documents by my father. And the house the second wife lives in was built and owned completely by me. When my father separated the family property, there was no clause added to make sure the sons will have a liability to look after him. But I did anyway, while my brother chickened out, I have paid lakhs of rupees in direct and indirect involvement with my father. While my brother has contributed nothing and has not lost any money in any form. After my brother kicks my father out, ALL THE MEDICAL BILLS were settled by me, and there was no help from my brother at all. Even at the end of my father's life, we asked him to contribute help at least physically help around. But he didn't. Now after my father's death we no longer want the second wife staying with us. But I don't think she will go away simply. Maybe she will ask for compensation of some kind. But we don't want it.WE have don't our share of the bearing cost. and even if she wants to compensate I would need my brother involved. She has my father's pension and we don't want anything to do with her. The public support is with the second wife and my brother is a weasel. I am living in Saudi Arabia now, but I want to come back and live with my family in my house peacefully, we have enough money to live amicably for the rest of our life. And don't want to lose a substantial amount of money, because that would danger my ability to live my life without fear of being bankrupt.